Raina Greifer (she/they)

Raina Greifer is a Member of the Sword Forge Collective 2022 – 2023.


Raina Greifer is an theatre maker, artist and writer based in Bath, England. Their work explores sex, consent, femininity & grief. They are particuarly interested in how puppetry, spoken word and drag can be used in both live performance and digital platforms to create dynamic storytelling. They have found multi-medium work best represents their experience as a queer femme individual. They’ve performed at events by Milk Poetry & Raise the Bar, been published by Juked Mag & The Offing, & are a 2021 BBC Words First Finalist. In addition to their own personal artistic practice they are also a founding member and artistic producer of Purple Crayon Productions and has worked as an arts workshop facilitator for Queer Youth Art Collective, Carpe Diem Arts and Justice Arts Coalition. 


  • Creator of play MANIC as part of #nsdf22.
  • Creator of A BBC Words First Finalist 2021.
  • Founding member and Artistic Producer of Purple Crayon Productions.
  • Arts workshop facilitator for both Carpe Diem Arts and Justice Arts Coalition.
  • A competing member of the Bath Spa University UniSlam team who came 3rd at UniSlam 2021.
  • A competing member of the Bath Spa University UniSlam team who were semi finalists at UniSlam 2020.
  • A competing member of the Bath Spa University UniSlam team who were semi finalists at UniSlam 2019.
  • Co-headliner for Bristol Femme Night, Raise the Bars Spotlight and Raise the Bar events.
  • Hammer & Tongue Cambridge heat winner.
  • Invited poet in The CandleLit Sessions 2021.
  • Published by House Letters, Constellations Magazine, and Leeve Magazine. 
  • MIX Conference intern.
  • Lyra Festival (Bristol Poetry Festival) volunteer.
  • Longlisted for Best Collaborative Work (for their participation in The CandleLit Sessions) in the Saboteur Awards 2022.



he stories told in MANIC are painful and in many ways brutal, but they are told with honesty through Raina’s beautiful poetic narrative, which draws you in however much you might feel like you shouldn’t be listening. The honesty and lightheartedness in this piece are vaguely reminiscent of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s original stage version of Fleabag, telling painful personal stories with confidence and energy that makes you want to keep listening.


One of the most completely original voices currently working in the UK poetry scene.



Website: https://rainagreifer.crevado.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raina.greifer
Email: rainagreifer@gmail.com