Alex Turner (she/they)

Alex Turner is a Member of the Sword Forge Collective 2022 – 2023.


Alex Turner is fairly new to the poetry scene but already has the gall to pick fights with God in all her poetry. She performed as a finalist at UniSlam 2022 with her team at Bath Spa University and with a poem about Killing God in a Wendy’s Parking Lot. 

She is still stunned her team let her do that. 

Alex Turner is a first year Creative Writing student at Bath Spa University who lives for chaos and fun and letting your imagination fly right off the hinges. 

She also would like to file a formal apology to any devout Christians for murdering their deity.


  • A competing member of the Bath Spa University UniSlam team who came 4th at UniSlam 2022.


A Girl the Devil Fears

I have in my possession
A jug of my own tears,
An unhealthy obsession
And a girl the Devil fears.

She trashes up my home
With no hint of remorse
The entire world’s her throne
And I’m her slave, of course

She hurts and breaks and kills
She never lets me sleep
She gives my father chills
She could even make gods weep.

And while I know she can be a brat
I really love my kitty-cat.


A genuinely hilarious poet who is completely original and unlike anyone else performing in the UK right now. An absolute must see!

Kathryn O’Driscoll, UK Slam Champion 2021